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Manage, Monitor and Monetize Your Energy

Welcome to Inowattio, the ultimate tool for optimizing your solar energy system. Monitor and trade energy in real-time, and take full control of your production and consumption with ease.

Decentralization for Durability
Security protocols for data sanctity
Empowering users for eco-responsibility
Integrated real-time monitoring
Improve for efficiency and effectiveness
Seamless blockchain integration

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Key Features

Monitoring of electricity
Real-time monitoring
Monitor your energy system in real-time to track performance and detect issues promptly.
Distribution of electricity
Aggregation and DER dispatchability
Easily aggregate and manage Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) using SunSpec compliant models.Grid Response - Enable your system to respond dynamically to grid conditions for improved stability.Grid Forming - Transform your energy system into a grid-forming entity for enhanced control and resilience.Participate in demand response programs to reduce energy consumption during peak periods.
Monitoring of electricity
System optimizations
Optimize your energy system's performance through advanced algorithms and analytics.
Intra-day/Next-day market
Markets access
Access energy markets for intra-day and next-day trading opportunities.
Energy trading between peers
Energy pools and communities
Facilitate direct energy trading between peers for cost savings and sustainability. Join energy pools and communities to collaborate with others for mutual benefits Community-Governed Micro-Grid
Predict photovoltaic production
Forecast data
Predict photovoltaic (PV) production to optimize energy utilization and storage. Forecast load demand to allocate resources efficiently and reduce wastage, using historical consumption data.
Energy trading between peers
Private L2 EVM blockchain
Utilize a private Layer 2 (L2) Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain for secure and efficient transactions.
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Vision & Mission


Vision Statement: As a software community with blockchain access in IoT for smart grids and microgrids owned by communities, we are committed to bringing energy access into the hands of everyone.

Our vision is to create truly cooperative grids, fostering collaboration and inclusivity, and to democratize energy resources.

We aspire to make market liberalization a distributed and equitable reality, where communities have control over their energy futures.


Mission Statement: Our mission at INOWATTIO is to lead the way in innovation and sustainability within the realm of energy management.

We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge software solutions that empower communities to efficiently manage their energy resources.

Through our commitment to technology and sustainability, we aim to create a brighter and more sustainable future, where individuals and communities have the tools they need to harness the power of clean and accessible energy.